Iberian Property Investment Partners (IPIP)

A company dedicated to real estate development and investment. We have a dual focus on Iberian Peninsula high-level real estate market and act as a real estate investment trust. Not only do we provide professional advisory to institutional investors, but we also offer personal portfolio and financial strategies. We work with one customer at a time, to ensure that our services are customized to fit your investment profile and optimize returns.


Exclusive Research, Direct Contact With Sellers

We can work as either an intermediary or a direct contact with sellers. IPIP guarantees provision of first-hand information and current market situation. Our exclusive research gives customers professional advice and projects worth investing in.

Government Guarantee and Legal Permits

As a service to keep customers at ease about local laws and legislation, we work with lawyers who specialize in real estate and commercial law, and ensure deals are legal and lawful. Our government guarantees and legal permits facilitate a seamless operation for clients.

Investment Portfolio Management and Financial Guidance

We are a group of highly experienced team of wealth advisors who specialize in assessing and evaluating real estate projects. Our professional team will address your needs and make the best arrangement for you.


High return rates make investing in real estate with commercial properties a wise option. To take advantage of it, our customers need a professional and experienced specialist who understands the cycles impacting the industry as well as regional laws. We believe in the strength of our team to fully address these requirements.


Real estate investment is a safe way to accumulate wealth. We count on various high-level residential projects to recognize huge appreciation potential. Our professional consulting and assessing group can help you find your ideal home or rental that can appreciate and generate additional cash flows.


Plot real estate investment requires strategies and long-term plans. We support our customers to maximize the market value of a real estate project. Moreover, the company is offering additional services on architectural design, real estate concepts, property recovery, and renovation to ensure our clients to make the fullest from the value chain.

About Us

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Iberian Property Investment Partners, IPIP, is a multinational professional real estate company. The founding partners are classmates from IESE Business School who share the passion for real estate investment and specialized property development. Although still a young company, our ability to garner mandates from high-profile investors speaks to our level of professionalism, expertise, and quality of services. We continue to distinguish ourselves by tailoring our investment strategy to meet customer needs. We ensure that the client’s investment objectives are adequately aligned with the location, real estate sector and project. Our company will guide you through investments of 2M€ ‎or greater and ensure that you gain the greatest benefit from our value chain. Furthermore, our core consulting services provide a solid guarantee to the investments. If you are looking for investment opportunities or seeking real estate projects with huge potential, please contact our real estate office in Barcelona.


Actually, we are working on a number of projects with a total investment of over 1,000 million euros. Most of those projects are in Barcelona and surrounding area. With excellent investment strategies, the dual benefits of our various real estate projects have enabled us to unearth the hidden potential for all parties involved. Our customers are from all over the world, Asia, European, Middle East, etc. Our mission is to help them maximize return on their investment and to create a long-term partnership. In the future, we are developing more international real estate projects on the Iberia peninsula and will suit them with the best investors. IPIP will make full effort to guide our customers through the end-to-end investment process.

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